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We are committed to achieve and maintain highest standard of Corporate Governance on a sustained basis. We are obligated to manage the business with diligence, transparency, responsibility and accountability across all facets of the operations leading to focused and efficient growth. We practice good governance as a pre-requisite to our stakeholders' value creation while maintaining business ethics and complying with all statutory and regulatory requirements.
Corporate Governance in our company is about commitment to values, to ethical business conduct and towards transparency in communication with the existing and the potential stakeholders.
Corporate Governance
  Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors
  Model letter for appointment of Independent Directors
  WL- Nomination & remuneration policy
  WL-Policy for Related Party Transactions
  WL-Policy on determining Material Subsidiaries
  WL-Whistle Blower Policy
  Policy on Determination of Materiality of Events
  Policy on Preservation of Documents
  Archival Policy_Wanbury
  Policy on Sexual Harrassment
  Composition of Committees of Board

Code of Conduct
  Fair Disclosure Code
  Insider Trading Code

Corporate Governance Report

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