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Brand Name Molecule Therapeutic Area
Cpink 100 Ferrous Ascorbate+ Folic acid Hematanic Products
Cpink M Ferrous Ascorbate+ Folic acid+Methylcobalamine Hematanic Products
Clavcure 625 Clavulinic Acid + Amoxycillin Solutabs Antibiotics
Clavcure DS Clavulinic Acid + Amoxycillin Dry syrup Antibiotics
Clavcure Inj Clavulinic Acid + Amoxycillin Injections Antibiotics
Rabiplus Rabeprazole Antiulcerants & Proton Pump inhibitors
Rabiplus- D Rabeprazole+ Domparadone Antiulcerants & Proton Pump inhibitors
Rabiplus- XT Rabeprazole+ Itopride Antiulcerants & Proton Pump inhibitors
Cdense Calciam Orotate calcium preparations
Coriminic QR Phenylephrine+ Chlorophenirammine Cold preparations
Coriminic P Phenylephrine+ Chlorophenirammine+ Paracetamol Cold & fever preparations
Coriminic XT Ambroxol+ Guaiphenesin+ Terbutaline Cough & cold preparations
Nock 3 Aceclofenace+ Paracetamol+ Serratiopeptidase Pain Management
Nock 2 Nimesulide+ Paracetamol Pain Management
Zevanuron Pregabalin+ Methylcobalamine Neuropathic pain management
Zeva Multivitamins+ Multiminerals Multivitamins and multiminerals therapy
Nurture Protein Powder Protein suppliments
Senasof Ca Salt of puriffied senna extract Laxative
Clamist Clemastin Fumerate Antiallergent
Crich VT 100 Natural Micronised Progesterone Natural micronized progesterone
Glopink Multimicronutrients+ DHA Multimicronutrients and DHA therapy